Customized Climate Knowledge
for Business Decision-Making

Climate change risk assessment and risk management are more complicated at a business level than at a societal level. Companies have shorter planning horizons and higher discount rates than societal decision-makers. Companies are generally more willing to accept risk than society as a whole, and face more categories of potential climate risks and opportunities as well as risk management options. Most fundamentally, the biggest perceived risk facing many companies is not climate change itself, but policy responses to the perceived societal risks of climate change. It should be no surprise that individual companies perceive climate risks and opportunities in all kinds of ways. Some companies even see themselves as climate change winners.

The fact that business climate change decision-making is so complicated, however, is rarely reflected in the allocation of corporate time and resources. As a result, a good deal of business climate change decision-making occurs without the benefit of the best available information.

The Climate Web is a decision-support tool that makes it easy to fix that. Some 20,000 hours have gone into organizing the best available information for business climate change decision-making in the Climate Web, including structuring it to support Climate Change Materiality Assessments, Assumption Audits, and Climate Change Scenario Planning (for more information visit The Climatographers, our advisory website).

We recognize, however, that individuals and companies alike are grappling with many climate-relevant issues and questions. We’ve made the Climate Web an open-access resource — anyone charged with tracking climate change issues can explore almost any climate-relevant topic. Literally thousands of reports and news stories, along with books, videos, websites, and other business decision-making materials are available for open-access exploration in the Climate Web.

plug into the Climate Web it is your external brain

But many business users will have limited time to spend on climate change topics, no matter how complex. The Climate Web can help leverage users' time at a rate of 10-100:1, facilitating rapid access to the most relevant resources for specific needs. It's like being to plug into a massive AI knowledgebase focused on climate change.

Customized business knowledge solutions include:

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    Company-Specific Knowledge Doorways
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    Company-Specific Knowledge Collections
  • Downloadable Climate Change Knowledgebases
  • Micro-Knowledge Solutions

Company-Specific Knowledge Doorways

Company-Specific Doorways serve as a customized map into the Climate Web for a particular individual or company based on variables including a company’s sector, geography, and management perspective on climate change. The Company-Specific Doorway provides instant access to the most relevant topical headings and Index entries, as well as selected graphics, news stories, reports, videos, and websites judged to be particularly relevant. A compressed view of such a Doorway is shown at right. Company-Specific Doorways cost just $299 and are accessed through a unique link.

Company-Specific Knowledge Collections

Company-Specific Knowledge Collections involve a collaboration between the Climatographers and your company to identify the most relevant topics and questions for the Knowledge Collection. These Collections pull together multiple Doorways, each one making in-depth resources instantly available. In many cases, internal risk assessment and management conversations can advance much more rapidly based on the information made available through the Collection.

Equivalent to having a staffer spend at least a year researching climate change topics, Company-Specific Knowledge Collections begin at just $999.

Downloadable Knowledge Collections

The Company-Specific Doorways and Company-Specific Knowledge Collections described above organize a great deal of information to support business decision-making. However, we recognize that users might want to organize this information in ways specifically adapted to their needs and ways of thinking. Downloadable Knowledge Collections offer that flexibility by letting you download those materials (and more) in order to build your own company-specific knowledge solution. TheBrain® software used in the Climate Web makes it remarkably simple to do so, and lets users take advantage of the more powerful desktop version of TheBrain software. You can even do all of this with the free version of TheBrain software.

Downloadable Knowledge Solutions start at $1,999.

Micro-Knowledge Solutions

Business users may have specific climate change questions you would like to see answered. You may have specific ways you would like to see information organized to support an internal presentation or brainstorming session, or perhaps you’re looking for just the right graphic to make a key point in a presentation you are developing. The Climatographers can help you tackle questions ranging from the very simple to the very complicated, in as little as 15 minutes.

Customized Knowledge Solutions start at just $99.

The actionable knowledge solutions described here let users leverage hundreds of hours of work already done by the Climatographers and can save companies both time and money. Our solutions can be adapted to serve almost any decision-support need on the part of companies large and small. Contact us for more information.