Unique Climate Toolbox

June 12, 2024

Readers and users of the Climate Web have seen in the past that we have shared some useful Climate Dashboards. We’ve been interested in how to extend the idea of such Dashboards as well as how to integrate newly available options with TheBrain software for how users access our content online.

Our new Climate Toolbox is the product of several months of work focused on optimizing a large amount of content for TheBrain’s new display features. These features allow users to basically navigate a website rather than the complicated visual “Plex” you’ve normally encountered.  

Our new Climate Toolbox includes more than 100 knowledge Dashboards, both topically and audience-oriented. There’s a TON there. It’s not intended as something you sit down to read, but as a resource that’s always improving. You will want to keep it on “speed dial” for when you want to take advantage of it.   

Here is a short PDF with links to some of the Toolbox’s content. We hope you will check it out to get a sense of what’s there. It’s pretty amazing! Check out, for example, our Dashboard specifically for K-12 Teachers, our Mini-Course on the Slowing AMOC Current, and our full-fledged course on “What Individuals Can Do About Climate Change.”

It’s all right there in the PDF (as is much more). The Toolbox is available to you at any time through this link.

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