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We are constantly adding new materials to the Climate Web – often dozens of items a day. On any given day, these items may be current news stories, great new reports and publications, older but still useful materials we haven’t come across before, videos and infographics, and even new websites that had previously eluded our searches. There is an amazing diversity of good ideas and work out there to which we should all pay attention, but which you’re unlikely to see crossing your inbox or browser. It simply gets lost in the noise.

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Climate Web News 6/1/2017: Paris Pullout Edition

The Good News this week? Hopefully the flood of inane, usually misleading, and often totally wrong commentary regarding the Paris Agreement will subside.
The Bad News? Well, the U.S. has pulled out of the Paris Agreement, whatever that might end up meaning.
We have added hundreds of new things to the Climate Web since our last newsletter. But in reflection of the Administration’s decision regarding the Paris climate accord, we’re not going to point you this week to a list of “fun things” in the Climate Web. Instead, we will focus on how the Climate Web can help respond to the new circumstances facing individuals, companies, and policy-makers in the U.S.

You’ve almost certainly seen numerous recent references to the following three themes:

  • Business now “gets” climate change, accepts that business must “step up,” and is already acting on climate through everything from “science-based targets” to “green power purchases” and “internal carbon pricing.”

Key Question: How much of the “business solving climate change” message is reality, how much is Kool Aid?

  • Investors now “get” climate change, accept that climate change poses material risks to their investment portfolios, and are moving to manage climate risks through everything from “portfolio footprinting,” to climate risk “stress testing,” to shareholder resolutions on climate risk reporting (a big development yesterday in this regard at Exxon).

Key Question: How much of the “investors tackling climate change” message is reality, how much Kool Aid?

  • The low carbon transition is underway and won’t be stopped, Paris Agreement or not. Just look at all the progress with wind and solar economics, electric vehicles, and utility-scale energy storage!

Key Question: That may well be true, but how much warmer will it be by then? 4oC? 6?

These topics and questions were already critical; with the U.S. pulling out of the Paris Agreement, they have become even more important than they were yesterday. You can find plenty of “answers” in your daily news feed or via Google; everyone has their own spin on these topics that they’re happy to share.

But if you need to actually understand any of these critical and very complicated topics, turn to the Climate Web. You won’t find “the” answer there (since there isn’t one), but you will find the most important frames and arguments and the key literature and best ideas (from multiple perspectives), not to mention the most impactful graphics (and much more). Where exactly will you find all of this?

The Climate Web can help you sort through the spin and the noise around any of these topics yourself, or we can do that for you via webinars, reports, or customized courses using the Climate Web. With the U.S. pulling out of the Paris Agreement, access to “actionable knowledge” should become even more important; that’s what the Climate Web is all about. Let us know how it can help you and your organization going forward.

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