Why TheBrain® Software?

Why TheBrain® Software?

If you’re not familiar with TheBrain® software we’ve used in building the Climate Web it can be difficult to get your head around how the ability to link all kinds of information together can help you in your decision-making. Here’s an example, based on day-to-day professional problem solving:

“Andrea, an accounts manager at an investment firm, wakes up to learn from CNN that an Asian banking scandal is strangling venture capital flows and causing loans to be called in prematurely.

Andrea accesses her company’s TheBrain™-based proprietary Knowledge Web to scan her company’s Asian partners and holdings. Clicking on the link to the Royal Bank of Hong Kong (RBHK), the hardest hit bank according to CNN, she is relieved to find that relatively few of her own clients are linked to RBHK, and that her company’s overall exposure to the crisis is modest.

She then clicks through the Knowledge Web to show all clients with loans from the Royal Bank of Hong Kong that missed their financial targets in last 36 months, revealing just one client, Tsingtao Telecommunications.

Andrea then pulls up her company’s current Asia strategy from the Knowledge Web and sees that Tsingtao is an important part of that strategy. She can also see the potential ripple effects of what’s happening in Hong Kong: Tsingtao is linked to a major Swedish equipment manufacturer (also a client), to an Indonesian subcontractor, and to its African raw material suppliers. She fires off a heads-up email to the company Vice-President in charge of the Asia strategy, as well as to her colleagues in charge of the firm’s Telecomm and Pacific Rim portfolios alerting them to developments.

She then sets about using the Knowledge Web to help solve her client’s problem. She can see that Tsingtao switched its banking to RBHK from Cathay Bank four years ago. From her “people network” within the Knowledge Web she discovers that Alejandro (who graduated from the Haas Business School at UCB a few years after she did) now works at Cathay Bank. She calls Alejandro and finds out that after getting poor returns in real estate, Cathay wants to diversify and is interested in reclaiming lost customers. Cathay soon offers Tsingtao a bridge loan at very favorable rates.

Andrea receives a generous bonus the next quarter.”

The knowledge management and retrieval capabilities that this story suggests is possible help explain why many Fortune 100 companies use TheBrain® software for knowledge management, as do government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency. Imagine what you could do with it in your own career! Imagine how much you could benefit from thousands of hours of work spent organizing everything there is to know about a topic like climate change. You’re imagining the Climate Web!

(Thanks to Patrick McKercher, of the Univ. of California-Santa Cruz, for the story).

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