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Knowledge Management for Wicked Problems!

Webinar and Do-It-Yourself Tour

The webinar replay from TheBrain's Big Thinker series explores how knowledge can be managed to help us understand and solve wicked problems. And then tour the webinar content (with audio overlay) in the Climate Web itself! It's a great way to learn about TheBrain's brand-new "touring" capability!

Having the Climate Web available is like having 100 leading experts in climate science, climate risk, risk management, and corporate strategy collaborating with you at the decision-making table.

Project Manager

fortune 100 climatographer client

Mark Trexler has again proven his complete command and authoritative knowledge of climate risk. Trexler’s work, as supplemented by the Climate Web resources, offers the most balanced and comprehensive basis for risk assessment and risk management available.

George Backus

risk expert

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