Your Climate MBA!

September 9, 2019

With the growing profile of climate change as a societal and business problem, more and more companies are charging employees with one or another aspects of the "business and climate change" conversation. This includes everything from carbon footprinting, risk assessment, scenario planning and public relations, to policy development and advocacy. 

Eight years ago, when Simon Dietz of the London School of Economics planned to teach a climate change course for business executives, he could not find the right textbook for the course. We at the Climatographers (Mark Trexler and Laura Kosloff) were commissioned to write the textbook, which was published by DoSustainability Publishers in 2012 as part of their DoShorts series for senior business decision-makers. The book offered a fresh picture of what climate change could mean for business, and what a risk-based business response might look like. 

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The book is still available electronically on Amazon, although the relationship of business to climate change has evolved significantly since then and is only getting more complicated. No book today can be comprehensive enough or remain current long enough to successfully play the role of covering the topic of climate change for a business audience.

In fact, we had already started building the Climate Web in 2011 to respond to the growing complexity of business decision-making around climate change. The Climate Web today is a comprehensive knowledgebase for climate change; its sheer size and scope is both its greatest strength and its greatest challenge. 

Your Climate Change MBA bridges that divide. It expands upon and updates our 2012 The Changing Profile of Corporate Climate Change Risk, and as a digital resource it can be kept current. Your Climate Change MBA organizes a curated set of materials that can help position anyone involved in the business and climate change conversation be better informed in their climate change decision-making.  

Your Climate Change MBA consists of this TheBrain-based guide to the business and climate change conversation, which can stand alone or be used in association with the online course taught by us. If you're interested in the hosted course, let us know and we'll send you more information. You can see an overview of the structure of this online textbook/course at our informational Your Climate Change MBA microsite. You'll be able to see how the course is structured and some discussion of the topics; detailed contents and organized materials are available upon purchase.

Your Climate Change MBA covers a lot of ground. It is not intended to make users experts in every business role, e.g. building a complex carbon footprint or carrying out a climate scenario planning exercise. There are many other resources for gaining such expertise, including our Climate Web Premium Access and other products. 

View the structure of this online textbook/course at Your Climate Change MBA. You'll be able to see how Your Climate MBA is structured and some discussion of the topics; detailed contents and organized materials are available upon purchaseContact us for more information!

About the author 

Laura Kosloff

Laura Kosloff is an attorney with more than 30 years of environmental and natural resources experience. She has worked on numerous topics including hazardous waste, environmental justice, water law, and climate change. Currently she focuses on legal and policy issues relating to energy, climate, and other resource issues facing companies and organizations, with a growing focus on risk communication. She has worked extensively on the design of greenhouse gas mitigation and offset policies, and participated in carbon offset negotiations and due diligence.

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