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September 13, 2019

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In addition to our new Your Climate MBA which is designed for the business user, we have Your Climate Change PhD. It focuses more on what a typical individual interested in climate change might want to know.

The Your Climate Change PhD course will not actually result in your being awarded a PhD or any other degree, but it does pull together materials and insights that can provide you with an advanced understanding of the nature of the climate change problem, potential solutions to the problem, and the likelihood that those solutions will be deployed in time to make a big difference.

Climate change is a wicked problem. After several decades of efforts to tackle climate change, progress remains way too slow. The Climate Web is a comprehensive knowledgebase for everything to do with understanding and solving climate change, but most people are looking for much more focused actionable knowledge.

The Your Climate Change PhD course bridges that divide, organizing a carefully curated set of materials that anyone can access at their own pace. It is the equivalent of attending numerous conferences and/or courses on climate change (and retaining all the content!), and includes topics you're unlikely to see covered even then. The course also pulls together a large number of relevant web-based resources collected over hundreds of hours of searching to facilitate your own investigation of and response to climate change.

Your Climate Change PhD consists of this TheBrain-based guide, which can stand alone or be used in association with the online course taught by us at the Climatographers. It is not intended to make users expert in specific aspects of the climate change problem. But it does pull together a comprehensive knowledgebase of information and organizes that information to make it as accessible as possible to individuals wanting to come up to speed on climate change.

You can see an overview of the structure of this online textbook/course at Your Climate Change PhD. You'll be able to see how the course is structured and some discussion of the topics; detailed contents and organized materials are available upon purchase. Group or organization-wide access to the Your Climate Change PhD course is available, and course contents can be customized. Contact us for more information.

Your Climate Change PhD is focused on the problem of and solutions to climate change. It is not a guide to the "business and climate change" conversation. That is a separate TheBrain-based course, Your Climate Change MBA.

About the author 

Laura Kosloff

Laura Kosloff is an attorney with more than 30 years of environmental and natural resources experience. She has worked on numerous topics including hazardous waste, environmental justice, water law, and climate change. Currently she focuses on legal and policy issues relating to energy, climate, and other resource issues facing companies and organizations, with a growing focus on risk communication. She has worked extensively on the design of greenhouse gas mitigation and offset policies, and participated in carbon offset negotiations and due diligence.

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