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November 11, 2021

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We all know that climate conversations are constantly shifting and sometimes entirely new topics pop up. Our new Hot Topics page in the Climate Web helps you keep track of it all.

Many of our readers are familiar with our Climate Sites – “mini” websites focusing on a specific topic that link back to the Climate Web itself. Some topics highlighted on the Hot Topics page might be represented by their own Climate Site. Some hot topic Climate Sites may come and go, but their content remains available in the Climate Web. Other Climate Sites, including our new Hot Topics page, are permanent.

As examples, here are just three of the hot topics we are currently highlighting on the Hot Topics Climate Site:

  • 2018 Eisenstein_Climate: A New Story: This is the first of Charles Eisenstein’s works that we’ve read, although we have collected a bunch of his work (and reviews of his work on climate and other topics) in the Climate Web.  We have not yet started integrating his specific ideas in Climate: A New Story into the Climate Web, and we’re not quite sure whether he’s incredibly insightful or hopelessly naive when it comes to tackling climate warming, but we’re intrigued by his message.
  • COP26 Climate Site: This Climate Site provides an overview and synthesis of what happened and is happening at COP26, and lets you dig into the materials organized in the Climate Web.
  • Six Degrees Climate Site: Mark Lynas recently updated his book 6 Degrees, which explores the implications of climate warming degree by degree. We’ve done a lot to make the very interesting information in the new book accessible through this Climate Site.

Check out the Hot Topics Climate Site and let us know what you think. Are there topics you want us to highlight on the page? We’re open to ideas!

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